Exchange 2010 List ActiveSync Devices removed from Quarantine and other States

Exchange 2010 has this feature in active sync where the admin can setup rules to allow certain devices to connect via ActiveSync Access Rules. Device Access Rules can be setup so that only certain devices can connect and all other devices will be quarantined until an admin can act on… Continue reading

Check for 32 bit vs 64 bit Microsoft OS in Windows Batch File

This is a usable example showing how to check for a 32 bit OS vs a 64 bit OS in MS windows within a batch file. This is very useful when deploying certain applications through MS Group Policy. Example from a .bat file: @echo off Set RegQry=HKLMHardwareDescriptionSystemCentralProcessor REG.exe Query %RegQry%… Continue reading

Exchange 2010 Error applying Service Pack “Setup previously Failed while performing action Install”

I encountered this error while performing an install of an Exchange 2010 Service Pack: Some controls aren’t valid. – Setup previously failed while performing the action “Install”. You can’t resume setup by performing the action “BuildToBuildUpgrade” To fix the issue, we need to open the registry, find and remove the… Continue reading

How to install ownCloud to Ubuntu 12.04

NOTE: The latest releases of Owncloud ver 8 require PHP version 5 which is not available in the native repositories for Ubuntu 12.04. If you want to run the latest OwnCloud, you should use Ubuntu 14.04 instead. Here is the HOW-TO: Running ver 8 on 12.04 is possible but… Continue reading

Active Directory Domain Controller Error “The target principal name is incorrect” Event ID 3210 and Event ID 5722

My business closed one of their remote branches recently. The ex-employees took their time packing and sending the hardware back to our HQ. The Domain Controller was offline for more than a month. When we finally got it back, I recreated the routing and plugged the server back in so… Continue reading