Microsoft Tech Notes and Articles

Active Directory
How to Remove Old Computer or User accounts from a Windows Domain
How to List User Names and Emails from a Windows Domain to a file
Active Directory Domain Controller Error “The target principal name is incorrect” Event ID 3210 and Event ID 5722

Exchange 2010 List ActiveSync Devices removed from Quarantine and other States
Exchange 2010 Error applying Service Pack “Setup previously Failed while performing action Install
Android Phone Email Provisioning Errors with Exchange Active Sync
Setup Exchange 2013 Mailbox on Outlook without Autodiscover
Prevent Users from changing pictures in Exchange 2013
Replace Outlook Mail, Contacts, and Calendar with Thunderbird
Exchange 2007 OWA Error – Password does not meet the minimum security requirements

How to Install Lync 2013
Failed while updating destination pool” migrating a user from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013

MS SQL Server 2008 R2 installation error 0x84B20001

Removing Sharepoint 2013 Backups

MS Windows 2008 r2 Server and OCSP Online Certificate Status Protocol
Installing SCEP with Microsoft NDES
Loading MS Certificate Server CRL to F5 BIGIP 11.3
Block the Win 10 style Data Gathering from Windows 7/8/Server2008

Check for 32 bit vs 64 bit Microsoft OS in Windows Batch File
Windows 2008 R2 Server – Windows Update Unknown Error

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