Lync 2013 Error “Failed while updating destination pool” migrating a user from Lync 2010 to Lync 2013

So, lets say you’ve built up a Lync 2013 installation in parallel to your existing Lync 2010.    It’s time to migrate users from Lync 2010 registrar pool to the Lync 2013 pool.

Lync 2013 Migrate User

Select User – Action – Move Selected Users to pool


But when you do this, you get the following error “Failed while updating destination pool”

Lync 2013 Error

Lync Error Failed while updating destination pool


The issue seems to be caused by a problem with the inheritable permissions on the user account. To fix it, use ADSIEdit. Find the user account that you are trying to move, pull up it’s Properties click the Security Tab then Advanced. Check the box that says Include inheritable permissions from the object’s parent.

ADSIEdit Include permissions

Check Include inheritable permissions

Save the changes to the user. Return to Lync and migrate the user.

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