How to Install VMWare Tools v4 on an Ubuntu Host

This should work with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 11.10 server.

Unlike window VM within the vSphere window, adding VMTools requires just a little work.   This install requires the ‘build-tools’ packages be installed if not already present.

“apt-get install linux-headers-server build-essential”

1) On the host to be updated, select the “Install/Upgrade VMware Tools” menu selection from the menu.  This will make the VMWare tools ISO available to the host.

2) Make sure you update the server.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

3) Create a mount point

sudo mkdir -p /media/cdrom

4) Mount the VMWare Tools ISO

sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

5) CD into the new mount

cd /media/cdrom

6) Copy the VM*.tar file to a temporary directory.

sudo cp VM*.tar.gz /temp

7) CD to the temp folder

cd /temp

8) Unmount the ISO, we are done with it.

sudo umount /media/cdrom

9) Extract the TAR file

sudo tar xzvf VM*.tar.gz

10) CD into the new vmware tools folder

cd vmware-tools-distrib

11) If you are on Ubuntu 11.10, you should create a /usr/lib64 directory to get around an error in the install script.

sudo mkdir /usr/lib64

12) Run the install script.  Note that the -d flag will ‘auto-answer’ all questions with the default.   Omit the -d if you want to answer each manually.

sudo ./ -d

13) Reboot to complete.

sudo shutdown -r now









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