Linux Tech Notes and Articles

Basic Server Tasks
Install DHCP Services on Ubuntu
Install Bind9 for DNS Services on Ubuntu
Setup DHCP and DNS for Dynamic DNS updates on Ubuntu Server
Setup Syslog with LogAnalyzer on Ubuntu Server
How to Log IPTABLES Dropped Packets to Syslog
Using Postfix to relay messages to an ISP Email Server

General Linux Notes
Rotate a Widescreen LCD in Linux Mint
How to tar multiple Directories
How to list the Sizes of Folders and Directories in Linux
How to Copy a USB disk using dd for MAC or Linux
Python Script to reset Home DVR
Replace Outlook Mail, Contacts, and Calendar with Thunderbird
Chaining Operations and Operators in Linux

Connecting Ubuntu Server to a Windows share on SMB

Cloud Tech
How to install ownCloud to Ubuntu 12.04
Enabling HTTPS access to OwnCloud
Sync Android Contacts, Calendar, and Files to ownCloud

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